The Government of the Republic of Malawi approved its first ever Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy in August, 2017. The major goal of this Policy is to develop and strengthen a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship between Malawi and her Diaspora in order to empower Malawian Diaspora to make substantive contribution to the sustainable development of their homeland

From Malawi’s perspective, Diaspora shall mean:

(a) Malawian citizens, collectively, residing outside the country temporarily or for an indefinite period of time whether for employment, business, education or any other purpose; and

(b) Persons of Malawian origin residing outside the country, holding citizenship of another country(s) but still having interests in the development of Malawi.

Policy Priority Areas

The Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy has highlighted the following priority areas:

  1. Umodzi Diaspora Network;
  2. Diaspora Mapping;
  3. Diaspora Direct Investment and Mobilization of Diaspora Savings;
  4. Brain Circulation, Knowledge, Skills and Virtual Transfer;
  5. Diaspora Philanthropy;
  6. Financial Remittances;
  7. Supporting the Diaspora; and
  8. Diaspora Citizenship Rights.

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