Following the approval of the Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy (MDEP), the Government of Malawi intends to move decisively to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with her Diaspora in which Diaspora initiatives are mainstreamed into the country‚Äôs development policies and strategies.

The need to empower the diaspora to effectively participate in the development of the homeland has been clear overtime. The Diasporas have managed to organize themselves for social and economic networking. However, there has been a glaring absence of formal programmes to engage them.

On the other hand, Government has recognized the potential of the Diaspora to contribute to the socio-economic development agenda, but lacked opportunity to explore what the Diaspora has to offer. In addition Government lacked evidence-based information on the Diaspora activities and initiatives. In view of the stated scenario, Government in partnership with International Organisation of Migration (IOM) will undertake a mapping and profiling exercise for her Diaspora, in the three pilot countries, namely: in the Republic of South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

It is expected that through the Mapping Exercise, the Government of Malawi will be in a position to develop effective Diaspora programmes and establish what the Diaspora is willing to offer and what it expects from the Government in return.

An International Consultant is to be engaged to collect information on the size and
composition of the Diaspora in the three destination countries. Government would further, engage a National Consultant to collect information on the existing skills gap and investment opportunities in the country for purposes of correlating skill match with diaspora resource. 

More details on the Mapping Exercise will follow in due course.