amalawi1The Malawi Mission in South Africa held the First ever Amalawi Summit on 24th November 2018, in Johannesburg. The Summit drew participation from leaders of various associations in RSA as well as individual Malawians living in RSA. The Summit provided a platform for interaction between the Embassy officials and Malawians living in RSA on matters of diaspora engagement.

The summit was organised with funding from Mukuru RSA the summit was held under the theme: Malawi Mission in RSA Towards Diaspora Engagement.

One of the outcomes of the Summit was a resolution by leaders of various associations in South Africa to form one umbrella body for all Malawians.

A committee of 8 leaders of different Malawi Associations in RSA Leaders with the Malawi Acting High commissioner to South Africa Ms. Gloria Bamusi as the Patroness was set up in order to look at various recommendations on how the Malawian diaspora should be organized in RSA.

The Summit also highlighted a number of challenges faced by Malawians in RSA most of which boarders on immigration, Labour related matters, social and economic challenges