This is the umbrella term for help and advice provided by the Malawian Missions to Malawian citizens who are living or traveling overseas. The services may be provided by either Malawi Missions or Honorary Consuls appointed by the Government of Malawi. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitation of Renewal of Passports;
  • Provision of replacement travel documents;
  • Advice and support in the case of accidents, serious illness or death;
  • Advice and support to victims of serious crime overseas and arranging for next of kin to be informed;
  • Visitation contact with incarcerated nationals;
  • Liaison with local police officials in the case of nationals abducted or missing abroad;
  • Help during crises such as civil unrest and natural disasters; and
  • Facilitating overseas payments of social welfare benefits..

Such services commonly do not extend to:

  • Storing luggage or valuables;
  • Intervening in commercial disputes;
  • Providing travel agency banking or postal services as well as money changing;
  • Translation and interpretation services; and
  • Criminal investigations and early release from prison.

In the event of a lost or stolen passport, the applicant must have a police report as well as present a valid Identity Card to the nearest Malawi Mission for assistance.

Please note that it is mandatory to visit your nearest Malawi Mission in order to complete the application process for renewing passports or replacement of lost or stolen passports, as it is necessary to capture your fingerprints.

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