Malawi Investment Trade Centre aims to make Malawi an attractive destination for business. The Mission of Malawi Investment Trade Centre is to promote and facilitate sustainable inclusive and transformative investment and trade in Malawi.

SERVICES FOR THE DIASPORA The MITC has tailor-made packages as well as investment incentives designed to facilitate Diaspora investment which is an important arm of sustainable development.    In actively promoting business investment in Malawi, MITC provides a range of services to the Malawian Diaspora, which include:

  1. Project Appraisal
  2. Site Identification and Evaluation (Under the auspices of the Lands Specialist within the One Stop Service Centre)
  3. Business Permits (under the auspices of the Immigration specialist within the One Stop Service Centre)
  4. Joint Venture Facilitation
  5. General Business Advice
  6. Business Retention and After Care services
  7. Incentives
  8. Inward and outward investment promotion missions
  9. Project Profiling
  1. Export Development; and
  2. Export Promotion

You can enquire more about the services provided by MITC through the following: You can also access various investment options from the following Investment Portal:
You can also access various trade information through the following Trade Portal: 

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