The Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE), has been in existence since 1994 but started equity trading in November 1996 when it first listed National Insurance Company Limited (NICO). Prior to the listing of the first company, the major activities that were being undertaken were the provision of a facility for secondary market trading in Government of Malawi securities namely; Treasury Notes and Local Registered Stock. The Stock Exchange is licensed under the Financial Services Act 2010 and operates under the Securities Act 2010 and the Companies Act 2013. 


The important functions of the MSE are:

  • Providing a link between financial raisers and financial suppliers (investors)
  • Providing market place for buyers and sellers of listed securities
  • Supervising trading activities
  • Supervising the conduct of member firms
  • Providing information services such as market trading information
  • Providing announcements made by listed companies

For trade information, please visit the following website: