Malawi also known as the warm heart of Africa is a beautiful country emerging as one of the top countries to visit in the world. Recently various international media bodies including CNN, Huffington Post and the Guardian have touted Malawi as one of the best places to visit. Not only with its famous long 560km Lake Malawi, but also for emerging and revived wildlife in Liwonde and Majete.

Malawi is a country with beautiful hilly landscape as it features on the great rift valley and therefore offers exquisite scenery in places like Nyika located in Ruphi. Additionally, there are UNESCO world heritage sites and rock drawings over 600 years ago in Dedza and Mangochi. The warm heart of Africa has also become a popular honeymoon destination with particular interest in Likoma and Chizumulu islands. Furthermore, more Malawians are travelling within their countries discovering forgotten treasures like the Chikala Pillars in Machinga.

The Malawi Diaspora is invited to take part in touring this special country and have contact details for various companies that offer packages or why not drive around and explore the country as an adventure.

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